We're gonna fight.
Hop top hat

Hop On A Cure was created by a husband and wife who wished to help countless others, like themselves, who have been unwillingly thrown into this cruel and unfair fight.

Its mission is to support research to prevent, reverse, and cure ALS while raising awareness, building a compassionate community, and unleashing the healing power of hope.

Through the support of our passionate community, Hop On A Cure foresees a future where the effects of ALS are nonexistent, and families no longer worry about what the next three years will look like.

Hop On A Cure envisions a future free of ALS.


Why we exist

To be an accelerator for the hope that lies hidden in the unsung.

How will we do it?

We will do it in the same way Hop does it through music, pouring all his energy into orchestrating the right notes to move people and get them out of their seats. As an ALS research accelerator, we use our unique platform to find and support unsung opportunities.

Our unique platform will give the stage to a cause we believe in – made up of the non-traditional approaches that have been overlooked, as well as the traditional approaches to finding new therapies and a cure for ALS.

HOP on stage

We will be steadfast in our commitment to find, fund, and elevate the untapped world of overlooked possibilities. Our goal will be to get the money out just as quickly as we get it in by constantly exploring and identifying researchers and organizations we need to support.

Harnessing Hop’s attitude and spirit, we will be humble but heard, intentional and undeterred in doing everything we can to be a part of the solution to ending ALS once and for all. As an organization born from someone who’s IN the fight, we’ll bring a fire and passion that can’t be denied, fueled by a burning desire to live.

Hop On A Cure