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John Driskell Hopkins, celebrated by many as “Hop”, is a founding member, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist of the Grammy award-winning Zac Brown Band.

He’s also a loving “Girl Dad” to his three girls and a compassionate husband to his wife Jennifer. Hop’s life took on a new purpose in December 2021 when he was diagnosed with ALS.

Early on, Hop’s symptoms presented themselves much the same way as many who are diagnosed with ALS – small differences in muscle movement. He had been dealing with some stiffness in his hands and legs, and he found that he couldn’t double-time on the guitar like he used to. 

He started second-guessing whether he could run around and jump on stage like he used to. Hop also noticed his speech was was affected at times. 

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Don’t quit. Don’t give up. Persevere.

With so many questions and unknown answers after receiving a fatal diagnosis,  Hop and his wife, Jen, consumed every bit of information they could about ALS. They quickly realized the progress toward finding a cure has been painfully slow and that ALS research has been severely underfunded in comparison to other diseases we’ve managed to overcome. 

Hop and Jen decided to become part of the solution, and in May of 2022, they launched the Hop On A Cure Foundation. Their goal is to bring a new spirit to the fight,  leaving no stone unturned, and doing everything in their power to continue generating awareness and funding for research to slow the progression of ALS and ultimately find a cure.

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We are ready to fight.

The “traditional” slow-prodding approach that we’ve hinged our hopes on for generations isn’t working in the way we need it to. You can get involved with Hop On A Cure and support Hop’s goal of finding a cure for ALS by:

We want the excitement, we want the encouragement, and we want everyone to Hop On A Cure with us.

Hop On A Cure